Ladies Golf Kwazulu-Natal KZNLGA

Selection Criteria Policy and Criteria  - taken from the KZNLGA Bye Laws


The KZNLGA is challenging itself to improve the support for players and in so doing, provide an open and transparent method of selection for provincial representation.  For the selection process to be comprehensive it is necessary therefore, that there is a unified selection process based on specific criteria, which will serve as the basis on which all players are selected to the KZNLGA Amateur Teams.

Selection to a KZNLGA team is intended to be an honour given to a golfer who has distinguished herself in the playing qualifications and otherwise has established herself to be a Woman who represents the integrity of the game of golf.  The Executive committee reserves the right in situations where a golfer has otherwise qualified for team selection on the basis of her competitive achievements, to not select that person if that person has in some way been guilty of conduct unbecoming a golfer.  This includes breaches of golf etiquette, improper on course conduct, disrespect for fellow competitors, officials and the failure to adhere to team regulations as established by the KZNLGA.

Selection Criteria

The Objective Selection Criteria set forth herein, has been established to identify KZN golfers who should be considered for selection to represent the KZNLGA.  Four of the players must meet the objective criteria in order to be selected to represent the KZNLGA and 2 players may be selected as Wild Cards.

Selectors and the Team Manager will meet and deliberate the following criteria prior to the selection of any Team:

 Observation of players

 Results from the KZNLGA Championship being a designated tournament.

o If a player is unable to play the KZN Provincial Championship for which permission needs to be granted timeously by the Committee, then she may be selected as a “Wild Card Selection”.
There may only be two players selected in this way.

 Previous history and Inter-Provincial experience

 Information gained from the database of competition results.

o The WGSA & KZNLGA Players Tournament Rankings.  (The Selectors will use the Players Tournament Rankings as a guide when selecting teams, and not as an absolute measure of a player’s past or current performance, ability or eligibility for any of the teams)

 Individual’s inherent ability to participate as a team member.

 Training Inputs

 Commitment

 On and off course etiquette and attitude

 Reports from Provincial Captains and Managers.

Final Selection of the KZNLGA Teams will be based on a unanimous decision by the Selection Committee.

It is necessary to point out that the selection of the KZNLGA 3rd 72 Hole Team has a slightly different selection criteria to that detailed above, this team may be used to encourage or “blood” emerging talent as opposed to putting the most in-form players on the team.